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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Enjoy, summer is here. Order your celebration cake ahead of time.  

New Creations

Teal Beach Cake YE.jpeg

Dominican Pineapple

Anniversary Heart Cake YE.jpeg

Dulce de Tres Leches

Beach sunset Cake YE.jpeg

Almond Cake

Takis Cake YE2.jpeg

Dominican Cake

Father's Day Cake YE .jpeg

Almond Cake Mojado

Wine Cake YE.jpeg

Dominican Pineapple

Father's Soccer Cake YE.jpeg

Dulce de Tres Leches

BAPE Cake YE.jpeg

Vanilla Cake

Pineapple Baby Shower Cake.jpeg

Dominican Strawberry 

Butterfly Wedding Cake.jpeg

Marble Cake

Wonder Woman cake YE.jpeg

Dominican Dulce de Leche

Father's Day PROMO 2.jpeg

Marble Cake

Beyblade Cake YE.jpeg

Vanilla Cake

Floral Cake YE.jpeg

Chocolate Vanilla

Air Force Cake.jpeg

Vanilla Cake

Macaron Cake YE.png

Dominican Dulce de Leches

Strawberry Dom Cake .jpeg

Dominican Guava/Pineapple

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